SunUV LED Lamp

If you follow me in Insta, you would have seen when I got this lamp months ago. But I’ve only just taken some pictures so I can share this with you. I know I always rave about things, but this is the best lamp I swear I’ve ever used. I currently own 7 LED lamps, and sure they all have their own purposes, but if you are a nail tech or are after a serious lamp, this is the one.  It is 48w and has 30 LEDs all nicely spaced out so you an cure a whole hand in one go with no problems. It cures everything I’ve thrown at it – all brands of both soft and hard gel.
It has a sensor so it turns on as soon as you put your hand in and the timer starts counting up. But there are also buttons on top to turn it on for 10sec, 30sec or 60sec. There is also a low heat mode that goes for 100seconds that starts with a low light that slowly increases over the time. This is great for curing hard gels to reduce the heat spike.
The best feature of all is that it is battery powered! The battery has LED indicators on it to show how much it has charged. I have found that battery lasts about a day and a half, so I leave it plugged in when it is on my nail table, but I can easily cart it around to do clients or taking it to nail school. If you don’t care about the battery factor, there is a version that comes without the battery that is much cheaper.
The ONLY complaint I have about this is that the LED timer on top is always lit up, so even in the middle of the night it sits glowing away. Pretty minor though unless you’re sleeping next to your lamp!
I bought this from AliExpress – check out the link here!

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