Shop With Me: DBC Hair and Beauty Supplies

I have a bit of a cheeky shop with me today – for once in my life I didn’t actually but any nail items. Yes you can all die of shock now. I was actually there to buy some waxing supplies (I do OCCSIONALLY do other beauty things that aren’t nails...). But seeing as this store has a good range of beauty/waxing/hair/nails, I thought you all might like a bit of a stick beak. 

So this is DBC over at Villawood here in Sydney. When you get there, the building is broken into two sides. The right side is all hair stuff, and the left is all nails and waxing. So all the pictures I have take are of the left side, because pffffffftttt hair (Leave a comment if you’re a hairdresser 😉 ). 

They don’t have the greatest range of brands in the world, but if you’re after some basics like cuticle pushers, or brands like Hawley or Gelish – they have solid stock of their range. I particularly like just how many of the Gelish dip colours they have – this is by far the largest range of colours I’ve seen in a store so far. 

I highly recommend making the trip to this store if you’re after a range of beauty products, particularly basics, as they will get you totally decked out. 

They do have a website, but you will need to sign up for a wholesale account to see all the goodies. The store itself is quite strict too about being trade – so make sure you bring some sort of ID with you. 

DBC Hair & Beauty Supplies 
6/171 Woodville Rd, Villawood NSW 2163 

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