Urban Decay Rollergirl Nail Kit

So this collection from Urban Decay is a few years old now, but I've never actually tried their polishes before and the Rollergirl box set in the Sydney China Town night markets (there's a stand there that always sells UD and Stilla stuff). So of course I had to get it and give them a go! Each colour is nice by itself, but they really do look better altogether so I had to do a tape mani to show them for their full glory. And I have to admit I was pretty impressed. Almost all the colours apply with just one coat and are super glossy. The only one here that I had any problems with was the purple glitter - it required too coats and was just a little bit opaque as the top colour (mental note.. next time START with the sheer colour!).
Although this is an older collection now, there are still a few floating around eBay and Amazon, and it retails for about $29 (which is how much I paid).

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