Nicole Diary Stamping Polish and Plate

I have 2 new products from Nicole Diary to share with you today. 

First up is a white stamping polish called Flawless Jade (Item no 295). It is a much thicker consistency to any other white polish I've used before, so you do have to work fast, but it means it picks up every little detail in crisp white when you stamp. It smells a little like acrylic paint, which is how it acts, but the outcome on the nail is awesome. 

The other item is a dreamcatcher stamping plate (Item no 326). I got this because I wanted to play with some double stamping - and this is a super cheap plate to try it out. You can create all kinds of multicoloured designs and perfect for that festival look. All the designs are etched really nicely and I had zero problems stamping off this. 

Be sure to use my code OMCT10 to get 10% off any purchase from Nicole Diary. 

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