OPI Lisbon Collection Part 1

Summer is over (I would pretend to be sad, but I am one of the few people that HATES summer. I can't wait for cooler weather), but with a new season means we get a new OPI collection! YAY! This one is based after the colours of Lisbon (the capital of Portugal. I'm an idiot and had to Google that. Don't judge me). I have my hands on the whole collection, so here are the first 6 colours. These are all the pink based colours together. Some are very similar so you might not need them all, but you certainly need most of them in your collection! Please excuse my terrible image quality. The camera I have been using died, so I am using a back up that isn't as good. I need to get new technology!

No Turning Back From Pink Street: A creamy dark pink, leaning more mauve. This is 2 coats. 

You've Got Nala On Me: A light pink with a slight peach tone to it. A little sheer so 3 coats here. 

Tagus In That Selfie! A flattering baby pink. A little so 3 coats.

Made It To the Seventh Hill: A super shiny rose gold. Super streaky, and 2 coats (despite how much I don't like the formula, I LOVE the colour. This is my favourite of the collection)

Lisbon Wants Moor OPI: A super duper pale pink. SUPER sheer - this is 4 coats! However would probably be good as a French base or worn sheer.

Suzi Chases Portu-geese: Plain white - I'm pretty sure it's the same as Alpine Snow. 3 coats.

Lisbon Collection by OPI will be available in Infinite Shine and GelColour formulas.
Infinite Shine colours will retail for $22.95 at David Jones, Myer and selected salons nationally. GelColor is an in-salon professional service only.

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