Skullique Egyptian Gods Collection

Here is the latest collection from Skullique! This trio is the Egyptian Mythology collection, and all 3 shades are absolutely divine! As I said about the prevoius polishes, all of these are really easy to apply, dry quickly and are really smooth. They come in a generous 12ml bottle and are $12aud each. 
If you haven't seen my previous post on this brand, go have a look - and then go check out their Etsy page! We need to keep our Aussie indie brands alive and well!  Ok on to the swatches. I took a million pictures of these as they are all so very pretty, but also the holo really jumped out in the sunlight. I've included pictures both inside and out, and with macros so hopefully you can get an idea of how nice they look in person. 

First shade is Tears of Iris - a purple/violet jelly filled with magenta, purple and holo microglitters. It is a tad sheer so I am wearing 3 coats. But for such a holo packed polish, it dries down very smooth. Super pretty, especially in the sunlight. 
Next up is Death of Osiris. A luscious black scattered holo. The holo is a little subtle indoors, but looks amazing in direct sunlight. As with all holos of this type, it looks best under a water-based top coat, or wait for it to dry overnight then top it with gel. Here I am wearing 2 coats with gel. 

Last up is Eye of Horus. A shimmery turquoise with gold shift. Absolutely stunning and only 2 coats for full opacity. It was hard to capture just how shifty and gorgeous this is, but trust me what I say you need it in your life!
Be sure to check out Skullique's store and give them a follow!

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