Merry Christmas everyone! It's been a long year filled with some extreme highs and lows, but it’s finally drawing to a close. I want to thank those who have supported me through the year, and especially my poor husband who has had to put up with months and months of comfort polish buying and constantly stinking out the apartment!  
So today I’ve got two Christmas manis that I’ve worn to work this week – the first is an Ulta 3 red that came in one of the valentines packs with a fimo candy cane feature nail, and the other is L’Oreal Green Couture with a dotticure Christmas tree with a star glitter topper.  The funny thing about that one was the hubby suggesting that I do it, and I was arguing that I don’t actually own any green nail polish. I have a LOT of polish, but green is my least favourite colour so I ever buy any. So to make a point, he gets me to go through what I own and find any greens…. And then this happened. Turns out I manage to accumulate more than I think!

Anyway, have a great holiday everyone and I hope you all get loads of polish for Christmas ;)

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  1. I think the green dotticure Christmas tree came out well! Thanks for sharing it in the link party :)