Emily de Molly Sample Polishes

If you don't like seeing really pretty polishes that you can't ever get your hands on, then scroll on by! I'm being that bitch who can't resist sharing my pretty samples that I got from the last Emily de Molly sale. I grabbed 2 of the mystery trios (no colour chosen as I love everything she puts out!) and this is photo spam of all the colours and art I have done with them. I'm amazed that even though these were all samples, the formula on them all was perfect and that they are gorgeous colours that would 100% stand on their own. If you're reading this then I assume you're a crazy nail lady like me and are already in the know, but just in case you aren't already, go join the Emily de Molly fan group on Facebook so you can be in the look next time there is one of these amazing sales!
Go see what polishes of hers you CAN go and buy at her site here: https://www.emilydemolly.com.au/

Ok, on with the picture spam!

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