My Favourite AliExpress Stores

I am an Aliexpress buying guru. Right now as I write this I have 74 packages on the way, and that's pretty normal for me. And before you start judging, a lot of it is craft supplies and nail art goodies so it's all small! But I have done a lot of trial and error over the years. I've bought things that I've opened and instantly binned, and others that I have been totally amazed with. So I thought I would share with you some of my favourite stores that I frequent a lot! 

If you're not confident with Ali, a couple of tips! They don't accept PayPal, I have no problems putting in my card and have it saved for easy purchasing and have never had a problem, but if you are uncomfortable you can always get a prepaid visa card. Also if your item arrives damaged, not as described or not at all, open a dispute! As soon as the protection time runs out (IE it automatically confirms the order for you), and you haven't received yet, open a dispute! Yes the sellers will then message you and they keep saying wait another week or try to do some shady deal - I have done this so many times and it never ends well! As mean as I feel about it, I just ignore them and Ali will step in and issue you a refund. That said this doesn't happen very often - I find 99% of things turn up no problem and when they are damaged the seller generally will refund with no problems. I know this may seem a little daunting, but I actually find the system easier to deal with than eBay dispute centre! You will always get your item or a refund (it may take months, but it does happen). 

KADS Official Store

I have been telling EVERYONE that Kads plates are the bomb when it comes to cheap Chinese plates. I've been buying them for years and still keep picking up every new collections. They do now have their own website you can order through (and I am an affiliate - use code KADST0dA to get a discount #cheekyselfpromote ) and I think that is cheaper normally, but whenever Aliexpress does one of their sale shopping events, they all go on sale and then it's worth jumping on their Ali store and buying up.


So many sellers will claim that their jewellery is 925 silver, and it will be stamped, but when you get it it will turn black after one wear. I bought a LOT of terrible quality stuff before I tried this store. Many of the designs are clearly knock off Pandora, but the quality is on par! I now have a large collection of rings that I have been wearing for literally over a year and none of them have tarnished one bit, so I'm pretty confidant that they are genuine 925. 

David accessories Official Store

If you're after pretty vinyl sheets - either to make things with or, like me, to use as photography backgrounds, then this is the store! There are quite a lot of stores that sell this kind of stuff, but David's is the OG and has by far the widest range! Everything I've gotten has arrive flat and in great condition and is really nice quality. My only complaint is that I wish they sold larger cuts!

ELESHE Silver Store

This is another store where I feel pretty confident that they are actually silver! They sell earring studs that have balls that screw on the back and they are the MOST comfortable earnings I have ever worn! No more stabbing me in the neck when I sleep or wear big headphones. I've had the same pair in for about 8 months now and still in perfect condition. If you have pierced ears, do yourself a favour and buy a pair.


Knock off Loungefly.... that about sums it up! Sadly it's only really wallets, but they are all adorable and I have a pink Eevee wallet I got last Christmas and it's still going strong, so the quality is decent.


I think we all know by now that buy makeup from China can be really dangerous. Particularly if it's knock off. Focallure is a Chinese brand that is a legit brand that also sells for a lot more in the States so I believe that they meet FDA standards. But sadly they are not cruelty free. All that said, their makeup isn't bad - I have a full blog post here of things I've tried. I really like their glitters and liquid eye shadows. Definitely fun and cheerful.

Day Day Firm Store

This store is filled with cute leggings and skirts that are all made from that swimsuit material, but they are super stretchy and comfy. All of mine I bought a 4xl when I was a size 20 and they fit great (possibly even a tad big). I'm not sure if I would work out in them but I've definitely worn them to work with tunics and a lot around the house. For the price they're totally worth it.

NiFineo Store

My fav hoodie I wear every day was from this store - a pastel pink one with Pusheen on it. A little synthetic but super warm and fits my phat arse. The images are just put on with decals but mine has held up for the last couple of years really well. The only thing I've had to do is get a lint ball remover gadget to remove the balls that accumulate from the sleeves. Buy when I say I wear this every cool day, I'm not exaggerating. I love it so much! I got an XXL and I am a VERY busty size 18 and it zips up comfortably.

Azure Beauty

If you're here reading a nail blog, then I'm sure you already know places like Born Pretty and Beauty Bigbang. But Azure is another brand like that that not as many people have heard of. If you're ok using cheap gel and powders, then they're worth checking out. Some of their holographic gel polishes are still my favourites for opacity and bling factor. 

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