Nail Powder Experiment

With my new found makeup obsession, I've seen a lot of stunning holo and duochrome makeup powders that I have been lusting after. But seeing as I am perpetually broke (thanks chronic illness!), I haven't yet gotten my hands on any. So this got me thinking - what happens when you take the powders that are meant to be rubbed into gel top coats and apply them like any other loose powder? At the end of the day they are still just pure pigments right?
So before anyone yells at me, don't be a dummy and just shove these things straight on your eye. I have spend many years working as a product developer so I understand the importance of getting cosmetics properly tested, and I believe that is why brands charge so much for their pigments - getting cosmetics testing is not cheap
But I did this because I was curious, and I am blessed with skin that isn't over sensitive and doesn't react to much. Hence I tested these on my arm before having a play, as suspected there were no issues. 
So on the swatches at the top, I mixed a small amount of each powder with a setting spray, then drew on my arm with a eyeliner brush. It was interesting as the finer the holo powders were, the less impressive they were. That said the holo flakies were ZOMG level of amazing! I have no idea why I would ever wear that level of holo, but I may have slipped on of my flakie pots from my nail room into my makeup box. 
The duochrome powders didn't like working with the spray very much, but I realised when I shoved my finger in them that the duochrome effect was amazing. 
So that leads me to the images/video below. These are the 2 best powders of my experiment applied over a glitter fix primer. Freakin spectacular!
So there you have it. I don't know how I am going to use this information, and I am still going to lust after all the pretty eyeshadows, but this was certainly an interesting experiment!

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