IBS Vegas and new products

This is that time of year I normally spend and entire weekend glued to my phone watching everything that is coming out of IBS and getting excited. But I have to say this year, other than some really awesome guests like Nail Career Education, there wasn't anything revolutionary and new that I saw. But here is a post with the few new things that popped up, and a couple of new things that I AM excited about that weren't at IBS

First up is the new  Electro Pop range from Kiara Sky. It might be the dead of winter here, but I still love me some bright nails (I have neon pink nails as I type this!). I do love that every time they release a new range it comes in dip, gel and polish, so it doesn't matter what your speciality is. There are 9 shades all up with a mix of creamy neons and glitters.
Direct link to their site here
And I get all my Kiara Sky from Diamond Nail Supplies in Australia.

Although not super new, I also saw a lot of the Swarovski Electric crystal. This is something I've had my eye on for ages, and they're already on my shopping list for Nail Fest! I know every distributor will have them, but I wanted to also share this amazing kit from Emerson Crystals - currently sold out but I'm sure they will come back, featuring the Electric shades along with some other complimentary colours. Way to make picking the right bling for a nail design easy!
Emerson Crystals Pride Collection

There was a lot of stuff being posted about Mia Secret, which I don't think they had anything new, but it's nice to see more of them as they are the brand I am wearing 90% of the time. Very affordable if you can wait for the shipping. They have a wide range of acrylic options, with thermals, neon, glow and a tonne of fun colours.
Mia Secret store here, but I suggest looking up what you want on eBay

I swear everywhere I look I see Apres Nail gel, it got a lot of love at IBS, but it is forever popping up on my Insta feed being used by all kinds of amazing techs. So even though this wasn't a new addition, it would feel remiss not mentioning them. Something I have been eyeing off that is semi-newish of there is the BritneyTokyo Heart Cut Out Tips. I would wear these bad boys forever if I had them! This is another case of product I would LOVE to try but need to win lotto (and just maybe try and use some of the millions of products I already have). 
Apres website here
Apres Australia here

Ok now we're moving into non IBS territory. First up is this dust brush from Indigo. How freakin cute is it?! There are 3 colourways, and I kind of want them all (not to use, just to add more clutter on my desk and look pretty!). 
Get Indigo in Australia through their distributor FB page here. 

The last on my list isn't actually available yet at time of writing, but dang it looks so good. Glitter Planet have released their own acrylic line, so far they only have core colours on their site, but they have the most amazing collection of neons and pastels coming. They look so divine, and I adore the packaging! This is a company that makes me squeal a little every time they come out with something new! 

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