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Today I have a couple of products from Nicole Diary to share with you. I have quite a lot of their products, but they've always come from stores like Wish, so this is the first time I've gone straight to the source. 
First up is this Chameleon Magnetic Cat Eye gel polish in colour Phoenix Queen. I put down a black base first, and then one coat of this polish over the top. I love the duo-chrome effect that gives you different coloured lines accross the nail. It's total magic. I got so many compliments wearing it that I think I need to buy all the colours! The only down side, and one that I have with all their gel polishes, is that they are only 6ml. With the amount of polish I wear that won't last long!

NICOLE DIARY 6ml The Out-Space Series Holographic Chameleon Magnetic Cat Eye Soak Off Gel Nail Art NDOS01

Next up is the Clear Jelly Stamper - and it has holo glitter in it! I totally just got it just for the holo factor! But it has 2 heads - a large and a small one. Both are clear and super squishy. I have to admit I had a little bit of trouble getting them to pick up initially as I am used to a harder stamper, but practice makes perfect! Also don't make my mistake and let acetone anywhere near it. I know you can't put acetone on stamper heads, but turns out the actual plastic handle also gets messed up pretty easy. At least my acetone smear doesn't effect the performance!
It's worth browsing through their site for lots of nail art goodies! And use my code OMCT10 for 10% off. 

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