Polished by KPT Plumeria

I have a massive obsession with holo thermals at the moment, I've now bought a couple of them - just haven't had a change to swatch them. So here is the first - Plumeria from Polished by KPT. No bottle shot on this one as it has a crack in it so I wrapped it in a roll of sticky tape to make sure it was going to stay in one piece. I have been lemming this one for AGES, and was stoked when Femme Fatale announced that they were going to start stocking them. So here I started with a base coat of white (although I'm not sure you need it, but I wanted to be careful) and then 2 coats of Plumeria. Just excuse the tiny bumb on my nail! But it's so pretty. The pink is when it's cool and goes to a grey when warm. I couldn't get the holo to show up in my photos but it is there, it's quite subtle but looks amazing. Totally worth a try next time there is a restock - it's worth every cent!

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