Foil goodness

After much stalking and mixed reviews, I finally caved and bought myself some nail foils so I could try it myself. I bought 2 foils along with the adhesive from Shardee Nail Shimmer on eBay - being based in Aus so I didn't have to wait! (I will be the happiest girl alive when eBay invents a teleporter!).
So this is the first mani I did with these babies...

I started with my usual Essie First Base, 2 coats of Ulta3 gold Rush Fever and once that had dried, I applied the adhesive to the tips and then put on my Gold Nugget foil. Ignoring the fact the adhesive smells like craft glue, they were actually very easy to apply. This stuff is insanely shiney when you put it on - it's like having a mirror on your fingers. I then topped it with a top coat of Sally Hansen Double Duty (it was all I had on hand that wasn't SV - which I've been warned not to use on it). The foil did buckle a little, but still kept a lot of its luster.
Seeing as I'm usual to the dry time of SV it did mean I bumped a nail, but apart from that they looked great... for one night. I don't know whether it's the foils or the fact I only put on one layer of top coat, but I had tip wear by the next morning. In my frustration, I caved and chucked on a coat of SV, which did buckle it slightly more, but at least I thought they would be better protected.

Here's a pic of what they look like now, 24hours after I did the mani. Sure they don't look too horrific if you don't look too closely, but there is a lot of wear and tear and chipping for such a short amount of time!
I will give them another go, and try an extra layer of top coat, but I think these are a for novelty manis - they look amazing for going out, but don't expect to get  a full weeks wear out of them.

**Ps sorry for the terrible photo quality - I don't have my camera and the iPhone just can't deal with low light :S

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