After quite a bit of hunting, I managed to lay my hands on the Colour Me Mini sets from Ulta3 (hint... their facebook page has a handy store locator. Wish I had known that earlier!) Most of the sets have loads of pretty colours, but the neon one was the only one I didn't already own most of the colours. And TBH neon isn't really my thing, so minis are perfect for me. The colours aren't labeled so I can't tell you which ones they were, but I'm certain they're the same neons  you see floating around in the Ulta3 bins.

Of course rather than doing something tasteful, I had to try all the colours at once. These are all 3 coats, but you can see the yellow and the green are still quite sheer. I think they would would really benefit with a white basecoat, but I wanted to trial them by themselves first.

And just to dress them up a little (and tone down the neon a bit) I stamped them with my CH52 plate.

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