China Glaze Rare & Radiant

So following on from my great Bankstown haul, here is Rare & Radiant from the China Glaze Bohemian Luster collection. This looks beautiful in the bottle, and it does look amazing on but TBH it took me three goes to get anything remotely worthy of taking a photo of. I found it was streaky and took some careful application. I tried it 2 ways - by itself and over black. On its own it takes 3 coats for full coverage, but does look stunning. Over black you only need one coat, but I honestly thought it just didn't look as nice. The duochrome goes from green to gold and it is far the most spectacular shift out of all the polishes in this series. I had loads of compliments wearing this around the office. I realise there are many polishes out there on the market that are pretty much identical, but if you don't already have one, this is worth picking up!

3 coats in the shade

3 coats direct sunlight

1 coat over black

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