Tony Moly GR30

I discovered a new cheap brand a while ago that I'm in love with now. A new Korean beauty store opened up near me that sells all kinds of adorably packaged cosmetics and a wide range of Tony Moly polishes. I'll post up pics of them all as I slowly swatch my way through, I may have gone a little crazy and bought almost all the glittery colours they had. The bottles don't really have much of a label on them other than a small barcode and some details written in Korean. This one is GR20 - medium and small sized glitter in various shades of silver and blue in a dark blue base. It applied quite nicely and for a $2.50 polish I'm stoked at how pretty and sparkly it is! Here I am wearing 3 coats to get a really solid coverage and then stamped over them using Essence silver Stampy polish and the plate is MM09 from Messy Mansion.
The store I bought these polishes is A'HA Sydney, but I have also seen them in various Morning Glory stores and on eBay.

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