Ciate Corrupted Neon

Hooray! I finally got my hands on my very first Ciate kit. I know many people have had issues with this brand for good reasons, but hey when you see a set for $10, it's hard to say no! For anyone in Aus, I highly suggest going to your local Chemist Warehouse to grab one of these sets. They have them in a few colours too.

So this kit comes with a neon pink polish, neon pink loose glitter and a UV reactive top coat. I carefully followed the instructions and painted my nails with 2 coats and then sprinkled glitter all over them, except my feature nail as I can't stop stamping! The stars are from Cheeky Beauty summer collection. The glitter is very fine and gets EVERYWHERE. I wish this kit had come with one of those tiny funnels to get the left overs back in the bottle.
Once that's done with you then put the top coat on. It looks very pretty with the glitter but the topcoat then smoothed it down a little so it is more like a liquid sand. The topcoat was also very smudgy with the black of the stamping. Also you have to be careful when applying it - it REALLY shows up under the blacklight!
Do I love this kit? Perhaps not as all 3 elements together, but the polish with the glitter OR the UV top coat are amazing. I just wouldn't do all 3 together.

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