Glow in the Dark Gel Nails

I have a really quick post today, and if you follow me on Instagram (and if you don't, go follow me @onemorecoat) you would have seen this already, but I made the most amazing discovery that I needed to share. So I bought some glow in the dark powder off eBay with the intention of mixing it with polish. I did try mixing it with polish but was a little underwhelmed with the glow pay off, so I thought hell, why bother with the polish at all? So I painted my nails with a white gel polish, and with the sticky layer still on, I dipped my nail straight into the glow powder and HOLY GLOW BALLS it's amazing! Like glows in the shade kinda amazing. Seeing as I can't leave my nails alone I did stamp over the top.

Here is a linkylink to the glow powder that I bought. And I have since bought a bunch more colours - so expect an update when they arrive.

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