AMR Hair and Beauty

A few weeks ago I got sent a package of goodies from AMR Hair and Beauty and I just wanted to share some of them with you. Let me start by saying first of all that I am NOT a professional, I want to be one but I haven't got my certificate yet so please do not judge me too harshly! However if you are a pro, or are like me and are starting out into the world of nail extensions, then these guys have a great range of products.
 In the package they sent me many of the items I needed to apply some tips, so I had to have a play. I have a few different tips in my collection, they are mostly cheapies that I've bought off eBay, so I was pleasantly surprised at how well these tips fitted, not to mention that they are all numbered for sizing which the cheap ones don't do and it can get frustrating.
So these are just the tips with clear acrylic applied over the top. As I said please don't judge too harshly, I am VERY new to doing this!
And lastly here is the Orly colour that they sent me, Just Breathe, which was a lovely pastel purple that was very opaque. I am wearing 2 coats here topped with the Won't Chip topcoat. The topcoat I quite like too, it's not as glossy as what I normally use, but it really does dry quickly and I got a few days wear with no chipping!

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