Indigo Effect Powders

A while back when I first got obsessed with mermaid powders, I fell in love with the original Indigo Mermaid Effect powder. So while I was at the Beauty Expo, I stocked up and bought a whole range of different colours. So here are swatches of them all. Now as I've said before, you sadly need to be a nail tech to get these babies from their website, although there are some available on eBay if you don't mind paying a little more. 
All the powders I have done over while gel polish except the holo Metal Manix and Glass me. 

Mermaid Effect - Pastel Pink
This was my favourite of all the new powders I got. It is a delicate pink with a strong blue/gold shift to it.

Mermaid Effect - Tiffany
This one has a similar shift to the pastel pink, although the shift isn't quite as strong.

Mermaid Effect - Aquarius
A more blue version to the Tiffany. To be honest you may not need them both, but it is still very pretty.

Metal Manix - Holo
There are no words to describe how holo this powder is. It's just crazy! This is over black gel with a no wipe top coat.

Holo Fuchsia Effect
A more scattered holo effect, more like a fine glitter but is quite opaque and the holo is quite pretty.

Pixel Effect - Snow White
If you've seen my swatches before of the classic Mermaid Effect powder, then you can see how similar this is - just a much chunkier glitter. And the shift is divine. I've worn this over a few colours now and they always come out stunning.

 Mermaid Effect - Neon Orange
My poor camera could not deal with how bright the neon powders were. To be honest they have no where near as much shift as the pastel Mermaid Effects, but still a fun powder to play with.

 Mermaid Effect - Neon Pink
Just like the orange, super duper crazy bright, but not a lot of shift. It is still quite a mesmerizing colour.

Glass Me
This is the newest of the effect powders and it's a real chameleon. It makes whatever colour you are wearing super reflective so it looks like glass, and gives it a gold shift. Here I am wearing it over a bright pink, so you can see how it has changed the colour a bit, but it is a gorgeous effect.

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