Kiss Artificial Nails

Recently I got sent a of artificial nails from Kiss and seeing as I have literally gone a month now wearing them, I thought I would share with you all. Now lets all take a moment to marvel that this is an entire post on my right hand! Recently I have been wearing acrylics, and as I HATE doing them on my right hand because I'm too uncoordinated. So wearing these babies was the best solution. 

There were 2 types - the imPRESS and Gel Fantasy The imPRESS ones have sticky tabs on the nails that you just peel off the protective layer and put them onto the nail. The Gel Fantasy came with both sticky tabs separately and a stick of nail glue. I tried out both and in both cases got 5-6 days wear out of them. I could have gone longer but I can't stand it when my nails start to look a bit rough so I had to take them off. They certainly didn't pop off on their own accord! My only complaint with the tabs is that they make a tiny gap around the edge of the false nail with the real one. It's not really noticible until you run your hands through your hair and it gets caught. Or when you decide to make meatballs and get raw mince stuck under there!
The first 2 I have take a picture after 5 days of wear so you can see how well they last up!

Kiss nails are available from or from Priceline and Big W stores around Australia.

After 5 days - the nail has bent a bit and the white is worn

After 5 days - the tips of the blue nails have peeled a bit. 

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