Hand and Nail Cream Roundup

Between working, medications, and constantly experimenting with nail extensions on myself, my hands are trashed. Dried out, peely trash.
So in an effort to restore them to some kind of presentable condition before I go off to nail school next year, I'm going to share with you all the products I have tried and what I think.
Let me also say that I know NOTHING about the chemistry side of things. This is just my experience and thoughts. If you want to know more sciencey stuff, I highly suggest checking out the Lab Muffin. 
So depending what you do with your hands depends what kind of cream you need. I know some people apply every time they wash their hands, but I personally like to use a heavy one at night - I love that feeling of leaving a heavy cream over night and waking up with baby soft hands, and I keep a light one for top ups throughout the day.
So here are 7 of my top picks of hand and nail creams that are readily available:

Hand and Nail Cream
Over the last couple of years I have gone through a few tubes of this particular cream. I would classify it as a day use cream but it is slightly on the heavier side. But having said that it has almost no oily residue to it, so when I feel my hands need a little extra TLC while I'm getting all dried out in an office, this is one of my go to's. The scent is also quite light, floral and quite subtle. I also like that it boasts having pearl extract and calcium which are meant to be good for your nails (which is always my no. 1 beauty concern!).
Check their FB site for more information. Revitanail is available at Priceline, Coles, and selected pharmacies.

Hand cream
Kamill have a whole large range of different hand creams to suit different needs. I was given a tube of the Intensive so that's what I've been playing with. As you would expect for an intensive cream, it is quite heavy and takes a little while to absorb. But I can see it would be good if your hands have taken a beating a need some serious TLC. It has chamomile, aloe vera and avocado oil for lots of natural moisture. The scent is a bit soapy and a little overwhelming in this one. Not my cup of tea, but you might like it if you aren't a fan of florally scents.
Check out the Kamill full range on their website kamill.com.au

Hand and nail cream
This is a fairly light cream that absorbs nice and quickly and doesn’t leave any greasy feeling. I think this would be the perfect one for use throughout the day particularly in colder weather as it is slightly heavier than some of the other creams, but is still light enough to feel nice on. As it says, it is scented like lavender and rosemary, and that is exactly what it smells like. It is a nice comforting scent
Check out their full range at  www.natio.com.au

Sasy & Savy
Hand n Nail Repair Creme
This one was my husbands pick - he has a sensitive nose and is very picky about strong scents, so if you are after something that is subtle and light, but gets the job done, this is it. The scent is meant to be Rose Lavendar, which I inititally thought would be a grandma scent, but it's not. It's actually slightly more on the soapy side and is very refreshing. I would put it's thickness as a middle. It's not super heavy, but it's not light either. I would use this as a day cream when I want a bit more moisture, but it really is an all purpose.
Visit sasynsavy.com for more information.

Hand Cream - Pop Sugar
This one is a little harder to get if you're not a nail tech or don't have a nail salon that can sort you out. But I had to include it because look how adorable this packaging is! Ugh I love it. It's light and quick absorbing and is a little 30ml container so this is perfect for keeping in the handbag for top ups throughout the day. Indigo make this in a whole bunch of scents, but Pop Sugar is sweet and a bit like orange candy. Not in a sickly sweet way, just a subtle sugaryness that makes me happy.
Check their website indigo-australia.com for details on how to get some!

Burt's Bees
Hand Creme - Beeswax and Banana
When I first put this on I was confused - it is very thick, a but like wax, and is quite sticky. But once it soaks in and you wash your hands you can feel how beautifully soft it makes your skin. This would be a good one for when you need some deep conditioning and for wearing to bed. It's all natural and filled with almond oil, aloe and vitamin E. As you can imagine it has a subtle scent of banana. Not that sickening lolly banana but a nice aroma of natural sweetness.
Check out their full range at www.burtsbees.com.au

Charity Pot
This one is meant to be more of a body lotion but it is one of my all time favourite creams that I have gone through several tubs of. It't quite thick but if you want a cream to put gloves or socks over for a over night treatment this is the one. It has a slight musky/vanilla scent to it, but its light enough you could still wear perfume over it. And the bonus is that 100% of profits go towards small charities.
Find your closest Lush store at au.lush.com

*Note some of these items I was sent for review, others I bought myself. But all the opinions are my own.

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