Nicole Diary gels from MyMakeupSecrets

I recently got sent these 4 gel polishes from a seller on Wish called MyMakeupSecrets. And hey I'm never going to say no to trying out a new product! These Nicole Diary Gel Polishes are only $2usd each, so I didn't expect much from them - but ended up being pleasantly surprised. The pink shade was the first one I tried, and you can tell by the shonky application that I did struggle with it. But that it because I figured out you need to REALLY give these a good shake first. So after I worked that one out, the rest of them applied quite nicely and each of my swatches is 2 coats. My main complain is just that these bottles are quite tiny, and I hate mini bottles. I wear so much nail polish that I just don't see the point in them, but if you just want to do a couple of manis in some new fun colours, then they are perfect. There are 22 shades available, so there is plenty to play with!
Check them all out here.

Shade 2

Shade 6

Shade 13

Shade 20

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