Born Pretty Store Haul

I have a lot of pictures here today for you! This is my latest haul from Born Pretty Store. Yes they give me products, no they don't pay me. But to be honest I think of all the nail art supply stores out there, they really are one of the best.  As always, if you're getting any full priced items, use my code VHW10 for 10% off. 

So first item is Polymer Powder. Yes they are finally selling acrylic powder! They sadly didn't have any monomer though. The pot you get is very tiny, but it is very cheap. Not heaps useful for techs, but if you're doing your own nails or are just starting out using acrylic then it's perfect. I got the clear and it is nice and clear too - it's pretty much identical to the Mia Secret one I usually use. 

Duel-Ended Magnetic Stick - With the magnetic polish making such a huge comeback at the moment, I had to try out this magnet to try and create some different designs. It has nice strong magnets so creating the designs is really easy. And it comes with a holo handle! So it looks great with all my mani tools (yeaahhh I'm so vain!)

Holo Nail Flakies - When I got these I thought they would be that thin kind of flakie that you rub into a non-wipe top coat. But I was wrong, its actually more like tiny flakes of glitter. So I ended up doing these more like sugar nails. That said the colour and the holo are STUNNING and I want to keep playing with this product. If you know what you're getting then it's totally worth it.

6 Pack of Glitter - I think out of everything I got in this parcel, these are my fav. So cheap for so much glitter. All the glitters are super irridescent and they all have little hearts and stars in them. I used 3 different shades to imbed in this nail dseign. It is so shiny and eye-catching!

Holo Chevron Stickers pack of 8 - These are all super holo and super pretty. My main problem is that they are really hard to get to sit flush on the nail, which means you won't be able to use these as a decal, but if you want to stick a little extra bling on your mani and happy to use a lot of top coat then these are gorgeous. 

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