Ulta 3 - Dark Summer Collection

If you're an Aussie polish lover, chances are you're already in love with Ulta3. I have an entire drawer in my Helmer dedicated to them, and every limited collection I've raced out to grab (anyone else remember the scrum over getting all the speckled eggs and the watercolour set?). So when I saw that they were releasing a new collection I got a little over excited - and even more so that they kindly sent me these for review! 
The Dark Summer collection is all warm and dark shades for summer with lots of deep plum and berry shades and shimmer metallics. Here I'm going to run through all the items I got, but if you want to see the whole collection yourself, check their website here
Starting off with what I think is the crown jewel of the whole collection, Evolve - it's a duochrome that shifts between a burgundy to red and green. It's a subtle shift but it's incredibly pretty. And here I am wearing 3 thin coats, you could get away with 2 but I wanted maximum opacity to try and capture the shifty goodness. All their polishes are $2.95.
Next up is Thunder, a gorgeous deep shimmery purple. This is only one coat! It's insanely opaque but with a huge depth of colour. You can see if you look closely that it's made up of tiny metallic flakes, so it looks like quite a dark purple, but when the light hits it the shine is real!
The last of the nail polishes is Sangria. This is your standard 2 coater creme polish, but the colour is a very deep wine colour. Almost black but it has that hint of warmth to it that makes it very wearable. This is one that will be a great base for nail art or for anyone that likes a vampy nail. I know I'll be rocking it all autumn!

Ok on to the makeup! First is the Master Metals Eyeshadow. This comes in 3 shades and I have Bronze here to play with. This little single pan is very shimmery and soft and creamy texture. It feels so nice to touch. It's also really pigmented for such an affordable product! I've been wearing this on my lids for a quick day look, but also as a bronzer! If you're ok with your bronzer having a little shimmer than this actually works a treat! It's a vegan formula for those that look out for that. Each pan is $6.95. 
Longwear Matte Lip Cream - there are 3 vampy shades in the collection, but the one I have in Dark Dreams. It's so dark you can't even see the printing on the packaging! I will have to admit that 99% of the time I wear a nude lip so this scared me a little, but I popped it on for a day and actually really love it. It's a very very dark berry shade, when you get it very thin it actually looks more purple. Scroll to the bottom for my bad selfie, but I think it makes my brown eyes pop! The formula was really nice and actually long wearing (the swatch below took and entire day to get off my arm - no amount of makeup remover was getting it off!) but not drying at all. Once again for such an affordable item the formula is surprisingly nice. Once again cruelty free and vegan. $7.95 each. 
Last up is the Loud & Proud Volume Waterproof Mascara. Can't ever say no to a black mascara! This one claims to give you the look of false lashes with a non-clumping formula. It's a very bushy brush and I found it did coat my lashes nicely without clumping and stayed all day without any fall out that you get from cheaper mascaras sometimes. It didn't lengthen as much as some of my favourite high end versions, but it's $9.95! Perfect price point for everyday wear. Once again another vegan formula. 
Ok that's everything - here's a terrible selfie wearing everything at once,and the metal eye shadow as a bronzer. I actually like how it brings out the warmth of my brown eyes and red tones in the hair. So it's a win from me! What do you think? Any products that you will have to pick up?
You can get Ulta3 from their website or from any decent chemist (there's a pretty handy stockist locator on their website if you need help). 

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  1. Wow loving the nail polishes, especially the purple :-D