The Show - Sydney

This is a slightly belated post (the day jobs has been hectic so sadly I've gotten a little slack! But now I'm back into normal life I'm back to catching up!). But back at the beginning of Feburary, I got invite to attend a makeup show here in Sydney called The Show and the ICC. I believe this was the first year that it's run, so it was fairly small but full of fun things to check out. This was a little different to shows I've gone to in the past as it was open to the public (even though a lot of the stands were charging trade prices) and there was a big emphasis on SFX makeup. That said there were a lot of the iconic brands that do the rounds at fairs there, like Inglot, Crown Brushes, Real Techniques, and ModelRock. Literally every stand had some kind of great steal. There was also a large stage where there were 2 days of constant workshops and tutorials. So I did a few laps around, bought things and took lots pf photos - so here are a few snaps to give you an idea of what it was like. If you want to check it out further or have a look at the cool SFX stuff (it's not something I know a lot about, but if it's your jam you need to look!) then check their website at

My haul for the day. A grant total of $35!


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