Born Pretty Store Reviews

Good morning everyone! Over the past few months I've been getting sent products from the Born Pretty Store to review. To be honest I have been buying from them for ages now so I was stoked to be asked. So I thought I would put together a few posts featuring the products that I've used on my Instagram (@onemorecoat). 

First up are these adorable icecream water decals. It's still rather hot here in Sydney so it's the perfect summery mani. Decal Icecream Pattern Manicure Nail Art Transfer Sticker 122 (# 34842)

 Next up is a squishy stamper. Now I've used a lot of stamping products in the past, but I have to admit that after getting this stamper and some of their stamping polishes I am now converted and now need to buy every stamping polish I can lay my hands on, it really does make a massive difference. Christmas Nail Art Stamper Starry Sky Silicone Head with Scrapers Manicure Nail Art Set (# 36395)

 As I said I just love using stamping polishes now, and these really are quite cheap and they work so well. The smears you see in the design have nothing to do with the quality, they are user error (lol). 6ml Born Pretty Stamping Polish Varnish Nail Plate Printing Polish #1 (# 27266)

 Last up for this post is a nail foil - I have to admit this looked nothing like the picture they had on their website, but it's still super holo and very pretty. So I had to try it over both dark and light. Sheet Laser Nail Art Sticker Creative Pattern Mysterious Starry Sky Decals (# 32274)

If you want to order, be sure to use my code to get 10% off full priced items!

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