Mermaid Powders

Mermaid powders seem to be one of the new fad powders around at the moment, and I am so OK with this! I think these are the prettiest things around. However if you are like me and are super cheap with everything, you've likely been disappointment with some cheap knock off powders from eBay. So here I wanted to give you a comparison of some cheap powders that I've gotten and the really good stuff as well.
Here is a comparison of the cheap powders. Each one is applied over one coat of white gel polish and top coated. As you can see there isn't a lot going on with most of the colours, although I can see there would be potential if they were layered over other colours. Number 5 though is the closest to what I was expecting with a pretty blue shimmer and pink shift.  Note that the particles are quite large for a powder in this one.
Colours 3, 4 and 5: in white pink and blue

 This is powder number 5. You can really see the shift and it is quite pretty, so if you only want to spend $1 on this fad, this would be my pick of all the powders out there. However as you will see below it still pales in comparison to the good powder.
 This is the magical powder that I kept hoping the cheap polishes would look like. I eventually caved and bought the Indigo powder from the UK on eBay (link here), This is just the original powder over two layers of white gel polish. Note that  you can buy this polish in Australia but you need to be an actual nail technician to do so. Even though this cost a LOT more than the cheap powders (This worked out with postage to about $14aud) I think it is totally worth it. I never want to take this off my nails!


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