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Sorry I have been away for so long, I have had some serious health problems that have had me in bed for the better part of 2 years. However, I am beginning to recover and have started getting back into my nail obsession. Most of my obsession I have been taking out on Instagram, so be sure to check me out www.instagram.com/onemorecoat/ .

Now onto the polish! Just before I got sick I went to Japan on my honeymoon so I wanted to share my awesome nail haul with  you all - especially for anyone heading over. Japan is the most magical nail paradise. Where salons are everywhere with the most bling nails imaginable and things like stamping are just common place and you can buy all kinds of nail art supplies just in drug stores. As it was some time ago that I got these I don't have intimate details about where and how much they were, but I wanted to share the images anyway!

Jill Stuart polishes were the most expensive polishes that I got, they worked out to about $20aud each. They have the prettiest packaging I have ever seen. I love these so much. I had to go to one of the big department stores to find these, but basically any high end store sells this brand. 

These Ueba Esou polishes are so sheer and watery I have to admit I don't think I will ever wear them, but I had to have them because they are made usibg traditional methods and materials that are used to make paint. So these are basically crushed shell in a bottle. I'm a sucker for anything traditional! These are from Kyoto and I saw them in a few stores, but Tokyu Hands had the whole collection. 

All these polishes and oil I bought in various drug stores across the country. Every store just has so much nail goodness I suggest going into a few different stores.

And lastly I bought a bunch of nail art magazines. I can't read a word of Japanese but they are filled with so many pictures and a lot of step by step tutorials that it really didn't matter. I love these and now buy them back home the whole time because they are the best inspiration! Be warned if you're an idiot like me that magazine stores in Japan actually look like book stores. You won't find these in convenience stores, but they have so many more magazines there than we have here that they have entire stores filled to the brim with mags.  

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