Favourite Mani Products

So I thought I would share with you all some of my favorite items for nail care that I just can't live without - things that I never bother putting away, they just live out on my mani table waiting to be used!
OPI Shiner XL: Of all the buffers I have ever used, the OPI ones are the ones that I just keep coming back to. I love the quality and I have been using the same buffer for years and it still works perfectly!

Sally Hansen Instant Cuticle Remover: This magic blue bottle is amazing at softening your cuticles for removal. You apply a little dab of it and a minute later it's ready to go!

Cuticle Pusher: Ok I got suckered into buying this because of the pretty colours - who can resist? But it is a handy little device to have around to remove stubborn bits of cuticle and I also use the pointy end for the occasional polish clean up as I'm painting.

Mont Bleu Nail File: Once again this item is just so stunning, but it also works wonders for filing. The perfect grit to take loads of nail off without feeling rough and gross. I've also been using this file for a few years now and it still works perfectly.

CND Solar Oil: Pretty much any cuticle oil will do the job, this just happens to be the one living at my mani desk because it's easy to obtain and smells like almonds.

Out The Door Top Coat: I know most people prefer Seche Vite, but this is an top coat that is easy to get, dries super quick and glossy, and best of all has no shrinkage!

UNT Ready for Takeoff: I can never get this peel off base coat to last more than a few hours, but as someone who loves to play with nail art ideas and likes to swatch, it's my nails best friend.

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