Nail Lab Swatches

I recently was lucky enough to get sent some polishes from the Nail Lab - which is a boutique nail salon in Sydney. All the polishes I have are just lovely to work with, smooth to apply and very opaque. Each of my swatches is 2 coats, although some of these polishes you could get away with a single coat.
The only downside is that they currently only ship within Australia - sorry to any international peeps, but if you are an Aussie and you're after some kick-arse solid colours, then I highly recommend checking these out. Visit The Nail Lab's website for more info.

Madison: A classic super opaque red. Very sexy!

Diana: A gorgeous silver glitter that's perfect for layering. This is 2 coats over a nude polish.

Lawrence: A super dark shimmery navy blue. 

Dita: A vampy dark red that in the shade can almost pass for black.

Reuben: A blue/green shimmer, it almost looks like it has been layered over black by itself.

Buddy: A super opaque silver with lots of shimmer. This is possibly my favourite and now my go to silver.

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