Miniso Water Based Topcoat

I have a quick post today just to share my little exciting find - I was at a Miniso store the other day and noticed in their small polish range that they had some water based polishes, including a top coat. To be honest I've never owned a water based top coat so I had to buy it and try it out. For a grand total of $2.99 it was worth the risk. So now I have done 2 separate manis with foil using it, and there has been no wrinkles of any kind. It is seriously like magic! The first image here I used the top coat on my first and middle fingers, and the ring and pinkie have nothing on them. The second picture I used it then put a normal quick dry top coat over the top for extra protection. Still no wrinkles at all. The ONLY downside is it does take a while to dry, but worth it. This is the holy grail of foil top coats!
Here is the link to Miniso Australia's website - at the moment they only have stores in Sydney and Melbourne.

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