Not quite Aeropuffing

 If you live on Instagram as much as I do you will have seen the new Russian fad called Aeropuffing. If you want to brave some Russian language and see some videos on the real deal check out their website here. Seeing as it is both quite expensive and a pain to get your hands on, I decided to give it a go using similar tools.  I used these stencils from Twinkled T, and the sponging tool I got from eBay.
I started out using a range of gel polishes assuming that they would work like the gel paste from the Aeropuffing kit. Turns out that they just don't work. You don't get any opacity and not the nice airbrushed look. So in the long run I used all normal stamping polishes from Hit The Bottle. They worked great! Ok I know that you can just paint over stencils with normal polish and that works, but this did give a nice airbrushed effect. So not quite what I wanted and it hasn't changed my want for the original kit, but it was an interesting experiment.
I didn't take any video of actually applying, but if you look up Aeropuffing on Youtube you will find a million tutorials.

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