Glow in the Dark Nails

Glow in the dark nails are super popular at the moment, and as someone who loves shiny stuff like this, I have been collecting up some glow items. So here is a round up of what I have, what's worth buying and what's not. If you think there is a must-have item that I don't have, let me know so I can try it out!
This is Glam and Glits in Why so Sirius? A clear acrylic powder packed full with glitter. The glow is so strong in this that they just keep glowing all night long - to the stage where I had my husband complaining about the light in the middle of the night at one point.
Although there are a few places online to buy this, I bought direct from the Australian Distributor Diamond Nail Supplies. It isn't listed on their website, but you can email them to purchase it.
Glow power - 10/10

There are many glow in the dark nail polishes on the market, but here I'm swatching my favourite one from my collection - Femme Fatale Pools of Vision. When charged this glows pretty well, but sadly doesn't have a huge amount of staying power.
This polish is an oldie that you can't get anymore, but the Femme Fatale website has many other flow polishes, including the Serum No. 5 ones which are meant to be amazing.
Glow rating: 5/10
 When I saw some GITD water decals on eBay I had to grab them to try. Pretty design but sadly their glow power sucks. This picture was taken after charging in a UV lamp and you can still barely see any glow.
If you still want to give them a go, here is a link to a store on eBay selling them.
Glow rating: 1/10
 Of course I had to try out using loose glow powder by itself. Here I rubbed it into the tacky layer of some white gel polish, using 2 different colours of powder. The glow is super pretty and quite bright, and I love the different glowing colours, but sadly it did not have a lot of staying power. But they are so cheap and fun I think they are still worth it.
These powders were off eBay - here is a link to a listing for them. 
Glow rating: 6/10
Here is one of my favourite glow gel polsihes. Elite 99  in colour 6703. The downfall of this polish is that it is very sheer - here I have used 3 coats and it's still not fully opaque. However the glow is pretty awesome. It isn't quite as bright as the Glam and Glits but it is still pretty impressive and has a decent amount of staying power. Also for gel polish it's hella cheap!
I bought this polish off eBay - here is a link for the listing. 
Glow rating: 8/10

The images above and below are glitters from Glitter Haven.  Above is the Mixed Size Hexagonal and below is the Mixed Size Round. I was a little dubious about how well glitter could glow, but I was seriously amazed by how good these are! The glitter is a little sheer so you have to be careful what colour it is placed over, but the glow factor is astonishing. After I did these manis, the glitter just kept glowing all night long. Heck the bag of glitter glows every night without my actively charging it. There are so many possibilities!
Glow rating: 10/10


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