Opallac Thermal Gel Polishes

I recently got sent a whole bunch of gel polishes from Opallac, and although I plan to slowly go through and swatch them all, I wanted to share the thermal colour changing polishes. I'm always a sucker for thermal polishes, but the thing that I find exciting about these is that not only are they really pretty, but for all us Aussie girls, they are available at Priceline! It's so nice to have pretty polishes that I don't have to resort to buying online. 
Each of the swatches I have done 2 coats with a gel to coat. They are beautifully opaque, and they change colour really easily, so even now in the middle of the winter I'm still having fun watching them constantly shift. 
Go check out the full range of colours at the Opallac website
Strawberries and Cream

Two Faced

Poured in Pink

Addicted to Purple

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