Kiss Acrylic Press On Nails

I should really title this post as TMI - I'm going to get a little personal with you today. I've mentioned before that I have a growing obsession with acrylic and press on nails, but apart from the obvious reason that instant long nails rocks, I wanted to share why. But before I start on my rant, lets look at some nails! There are both press on nails from Kiss from their Acrylic range. They claim they are 10x stronger and don't chip. And from my experience I would totally agree with this! I am getting an easy full week wear from these and they look as good as when they were put on. In fact the top picture was taken after a week of wear! I only took them off because I get bored after a week. 

Kiss nails are available from or from Priceline and Big W stores around Australia.

So here is the super abbreviated explanation - almost 3 years ago I got sick. I thought it was food poisoning of the explosive kind. It was horrible but I thought if I slept it off it would eventually go away. But it didn't. After many doctors trips and hospital visits I started developing more and more symptoms like a tremor, my leg would kick by itself, extreme dizziness, and worst of all was the deep pain all over my body. I was bed bound for a long time. Doctors had NO idea what was wrong with me. They initially thought it was MS but nothing was showing in test results. Eventually I was diagnosed with Functional Neurological Disorder - IE the pathways in my brain are wrongly wired. After trialling a heap of medications and a lot of rehabilitation I am slowly recovering and am getting my life back together. 
What does this have to do with my nails? Well because I mentally couldn't cope with the pain I kept clawing at my own skin, which left me covered in scabs. I discovered through my nail obsession that if you have acrylic or press on nails, they aren't sharp enough to do any damage to the skin. So after a few months of wearing them I've gone from looking like a leper to looking pretty normal (apart from a little scarring). So my nails have become a really important part of my healing process! 

Before falsies
After falsies

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