Opallac Gel Polish

A while a go I got send this amazing pack from Opallac, and I have featured their amazing thermal colour changing polishes before, but as I did a fresh set of nails on the weekend I am going to take you through the process with me.  
First of all, you need to prep your nails - so pushing back cuticles, buffing lightly and I like to dehydrate them with some rubbing alchol. I didn't do this this time as I just had some fresh acrylic on, so no pictures of that.

First up we start with a thin coat of base coat. 

Then nuke it in the lamp for 30 seconds. 

The colour I chose to wear today is Life's a Peach - I'm a sucker for corally colours so this is one of my favourite colours. Once again, apply a thin coat. Let me stress THIN! I find these polishes like to run into your cuticles if you go too thick and the polishes are so pigmented there is no need to go thick. Nuke for 60 seconds, then apply a second THIN coat and nuke again.

Lastly apply a coat of the top coat, cure it for 90 seconds, then remove the sticky layer with the Opallac Shine Top Wipe (or alcohol or acetone....).

Ta da! Ready to go! On natural nails these babies will stay gorgeous for 10 days, or on acrylic they will stay like this until I get bored or they grow out!
Opallac is available through their website or from Priceline stores.

Here are some more colours that I have worn on Instagram over the last couple of months:


Thunder Struck

Mirror Mirror

Soy Cap

Say I Do

Happily Ever After

Sherry Spark and Gold Mine

So Soiree

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