Models Own Colour Chrome

 I have been eyeing off Models Own polishes for ages as one of those magical unicorn brands from the UK that we couldn't easily get here in Australia, so when it was announced that Priceline was going to start selling them, I may have wet myself just a little bit. So the first polish range they are selling is the Colour Chrome collection. I have got my sticky hands on most of the collection to share with you.
So I will start by saying that they are not as chromey as chrome powders over gel polish, but for those who don't do gel, this is about as bling as it gets. Like all chrome polishes they are a little streaky and they dry insanely fast, so you need to apply super quick (and I mean SUPER quick). You also need to shake the bottle up quite a bit to get the full chromey effect. But once you have the hang of it they are amazing and apply with one coat.
As an added bonus, these babies stamp super well!!!!! It always makes me excited when a mainstream polish stamps well, especially when they are affordable. So with each of my swatches I have included a stamping swatch.
Models Own polishes are available from Priceline Pharmacy stores and at

Chrome Mauve

Chrome Indigo

Chrome Silver

Chrome Cerise

Chrome Red

Chrome Gold

Chrome Rose

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