Beauty Bigbang Flower Stamping Plate

A few weeks ago I got sent a few products for review from Beauty BigBang. I really like the products I have used from them before, so of course I love being able to put them on my nails again. First up is a floral stamping plate. I really love that they do their own designs, rather than just selling the same old plates many companies seem to carry. Although it is a small plate, all the designs are awesome - no crappy filler designs here! In the past I had a little trouble picking up images off one of their plates, but this time they all picked up perfectly. I have done a couple designs below using this plate - although I saved all my reference images of what polishes I used on my phone and my phone has totally died! It's a very sad day! Let me know if you adore any of these colours and I will do my best to figure it out!

This stamping plate is available here. Be sure to use my discount code for 10% off - OMC.

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