CND Vinylux Nude Collection

I've spoken before about my love for CND products, so of course I was excited to get my hands on a couple of colours from their new nude collection. The collection comprises of 4 different shades so you will find the perfect shade for your skin tone. They are available in both Shellac and the new Reinvented Vinylux.

So the two colours I have are Uncovered and Unmasked. Uncovered is a really pale pink. This one is quite sheer, so you could use a single coat for more of a French style tint, or build it up. Here I'm wearing 3 coats. Unmasked is a tan colour. This shade was more opaque and is almost a single coater, although I am wearing 2 coats for total smoothness.  And of course I had to do a little art with them both so you can see the difference in colours.

Now I've said it before, but once more for the record - I love the Vinylux polishes. They are so smooth to apply, the brushes make it so easy, and they last over a week on! Like actually last a week, not some PR promise that no one can ever make work. 

CND Vinylux is available for individual purchase at and as an in-salon service. Vinylux Weekly Polish Colour Coat / Top Coat (15ml) RRP $19.95 each



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