Beauty Expo Australia

Last weekend was the Beauty Expo Australia at the ICC here in Sydney. This is always the highlight of my year - I love catching up with people, checking out all the new nail trends, and of course buying as much as my poor bank account will let me. 
This year the main stand out new item was the variations of Aeropuffing (gel sponging art) - this is something I have been wanting to try for a long time with the proper gels, so I was happy to get my hands on some. The rest was all the usual culprits - pretty art items, glitters, acrylics and the dipping systems are still going strong. 
What was missing? Although a lot of my favourite companies were there, there were a few notable absences, which did surprise me seeing as we have had some pretty big product releases in the last few months. Like Pacific Nail and Beauty - with the new CND Luxe ,and none of the ORLY stockists with their new soak off builder gel. I was also sad that Indigo weren't there, despite being on the directory, as they are usually where I would do the most damage. 
All that said, there was loads to see and do, so lets get on to the pictures! I am sorry for my photos - I took my SLR with me, and it decided to stop working half way through the day so I had to rely on my poor old iPhone 4!
(I have so much to talk about that I will post about my purchases later in the week)

Beauty World
This company is the Australia stockist for Light Elegance, as well as Perfect Nails and Joss. I'm still kicking myself for not buying anything here - if you are after hard gels that are actually pretty, this is the best company out there!

Enail Couture
This is the second year this company has been here is Australia. They had owner Max Estrada on the stand - so I got to be a fangirl and get a photo with him. All their own original products made in the USA. I bought loads here - but I am kicking myself for not stocking up more (I live for their packaging and files)

High's Australia
This is a new-to-me brand that comes from Canada. They have their ow range of home pampering products, and the most adorable gel polish kits ever!

This was one of the big international stands - with their range of acrylic powders, dip system, and gel polishes. They sell some really exciting items like glow-in-the-dark acrylics, holographic gel polishes, and their new range of shimmery effect Perfect Match top coats. 

Micole Secret
This is a Korean company that is now here is Aus. They sell a whole range of nail art items and Korean brand gels. (They had Sweet Candy gel but were only selling by the CDU, not single bottles.)
They had an entire wall of art elements, all roughly around the $3 mark. 

Bio Sculpture Gel
Bio Sculture Gel is one of the original gel companies, and they had a great range of pretties - with glitters, a nail art bin, and their own gel sponging gel art it. There was also a class on how to use it... it is basically Aeropuffing, but actually an English version - yay!

Brillbird is an international brand that has been brought to Australia. They have a full range of prdocuts you need for nails - acrylics, gel polishes, art supplies.... everything you could want. Also check out the amazing nails I spied on the stand! 

Glitter Haven
I've talked about Glitter Haven before, but they are a great Australian glitter company that also ships worldwide. They have a range of bio glitters as well as traditional glitters and their own glitter adhesive if you want to wear them on the skin (which I tried and can testify that the glitter did not budge all afternoon, but washed off with just water)

Lish is totally Australian, and they sell a range of nail products as well as spa/tanning/waxing products.  I got drawn in but their range of pretty glitters and coloured acrylics. 

Australian Beauty Imports
These guys are the Australian distributors for Ezflow - who sell the most awesome range of nail products, like glow acrylics, chrome powders and their own dip system with a million colours. 

Downunder Cosmetix
Although this is technically a cosmetics company, they sell a huge range of glitters and pigments - and we all know they are more fun on the nails than on the face!

The Social Media Network
Ok this is another non-nail stand, but what they do is interesting if you have a business or salon that doesn't have much of a social media presence. They basically do all your online marketing for you - which we all know how important that is. I had a long chat to them and even though I live online, they still had some really helpful advice for me, so totally worth looking into

Mavala Switzerland
This is a company you have probably seen at chemists before, and it was really nice to see a stand in a see of art dedicated to normal polishes, hand and nail care. 

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