Beauty Expo Australia Haul

So here is my nail haul from the Beauty Expo - I know it doesn't look like a lot, but I still spent a small fortune! The only things I got that aren't pictured are some tints from Belmacil for my lashes and brows, and LeChat gave me some merch so I can walk around draped in their logo (which I kinda love!) I'll put the prices that I remember - but keep in mind that some of these would have been show specials. 

4 glitter shades from Glitter Haven:
Atomic Tangerine, Ace of Spades, Refreshing - Flakes, Snap Happy. All $6 each. Love these and am already wearing Refreshing on my nails. So pretty!
LeChat Perfect Match in Gemini. A blue holo polish in gel and normal nail polish. This is super holo and I love it. I'm wishing I had got more of these holo babies! $25 for the set. 

Spectrum Aurora Firefly ring light. I got this to take nail photos when the natural light isn't good enough. It does both white light and yellow light so it stops that awful blue cast you get under LEDs. $25.

Nail File ($2), Eternal Beige acrylic 20grams ($15) and Gel Paints ($15 each) from Enail Couture. I got these all to try out, but I could have spent a LOT more on this stand! 

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