Hand Cream Round Up

Spring is here and I am trying to get rid of some of the dryness all this cold weather has created! And just because I am now wearing acrylics doesn't mean I can stop taking care of my hands and the nails that are growing underneath all the glitter. So here is a round up of my current hand cream collection. Let me know what you think and if you have a favourite cream you think I should try out!
Hand and Nail Treatment Cream
This cream came as part of trio last year, but I have it on my rotation because it smells so good. It has a subtle tangy grapefruit scent. The cream itself is very light and absorbs fast leaving absolutely no residue at all. Its lightness makes it good as a handbag cream to use throughout the day, but I would go for something heavier if you want a treatment.

Hand and Nail Treatment Cream
This bottle is very deceptive - to look at it I was expecting something boring to come out of the tube but I was very wrong. It has a sweet vanilla and floral scent to it that is divine. The cream is a light weight (but heavier than the Clarins) and absorbs quickly although it does leave a slightly sticky residue. With avocado oil, vitamin E, almond oil and lavender oil, it has everything you'd want to help keep your hands soft. 

In the Rau - Dry Body Oil
Ok this isn't strictly a hand cream, but I am including it because I really love it. It is a spray bottle of oil that I like to use all over my hands and arms at night to get them nice and soft in the morning. It has a subtle scent that is hard to describe, it's somewhere between a vanilla and a wood. The oil is made up of raw marula oil, coconut oil, milk thistle, and camellia oil. As it is straight up oil it is very heavy, but great for that intense moisture. 

Dry Skin Hand Cream
You can probably tell from the state of this tube that this gets a lot of use. It's a super heavy cream - perfect for smothering your hands/feet in and then popping on some gloves/socks. I spend a lot of time in hospitals and this is my go for being stuck in air conditioning without enough to drink and not enough skincare. It boasts being 20% highly concentrated shea butter. Its only downfall is it has quite a bland scent - almost a little bit like sunscreen.
Hand Cream
True fact - Nivea hand cream is the first cream I ever bought for myself and to this day I always keep some at the office to combat air conditioning dryness. The have 3 different formulas: anti-age (with Q-10 to help with age spots), smooth care (with shea butter) and nourishing care (with almond oil). They are pretty self explanatory for weight - and they range from a medium weight to a heavy weight. They all absorb nicely and leave a slight silkiness to the skin once absorbed. The scent is that signature Nivea scent that all their creams smell like. 

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