Opallac Gel Matte Top Coat

Can we all take a second to celebrate that you can now get a matte topcoat in Priceline? Opallac have just released a Gel Matte Top Coat and it's awesome. I got sent these to review, but I honestly would have bought a bottle anyway! They do say it's for use over their own gel colours, but so far it has worked perfectly over every gel polish I have tried.
It's super simple to use - you do your mani as normal, then put a single coat of the top coat and then nuke it for 60seconds. It's really fun to watch because it looks all glossy when you put it on, but when it goes into the lamp it turns mattes.
It feels really soft and velvety, not rough in the slightest. And although I never wear the same nail design for more than a few days, I did wear the bottom set here for 4 days and the matte stayed perfect the whole time - it didn't wear down at all which has always been a problem with outer matte top coats I have tried.
So I totally rate this, and it is a great way to get a whole bunch of new looks out of your existing gel polish collection.

Opallac is available through their website or from Priceline stores.

Colour: Elite99 Black and red chrome from Born Pretty

Colour: So Soiree with gold foil

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