Glitter Gals Australia

Glitter Gals Australia is a pretty new company on the nail scene, and they are already killing it. So I got a mega glitter haul from them to share with you. 10 glitters, a nail file and triangle dish. There are so many different glitter varieties on their site it is impossible to pick a favourite. They do also sell nail art item and tools too. I've had a lot of fun using these glitters both to encapsulate and on top of the nail in gel.  So here is some photo spam with a few nail designs I have done using the glitter. 

Glitter Girls Australia: Website here

Chameleon Halo encapsulated in clear acrylic

Holo purple mix and Silver shards encapsulated in clear acrylic

3d gems in gel topcoat

Hot pink fine glitter rubbed into the gel tacky layer then stamped over.

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