Hawley Treatment Colour Polish

I love Hawley products - when I was at nail school this was the brand we had to use, and many of their items I can now not live without. And that's not because it's all I've tried, I have an entire room of products that I've tried (not kidding - I would take a photo but I still haven't found adequate storage for everything so it is a MESS!). I even went and splurged and bought their efile which I could not live without. 
So when they released their new polish line, I had to try because I knew it was going to be a winner. 
Their treatment polishes are a 4 in 1, meaning it's a base, treatment, colour and topcoat. They contain argan oil, vitamins e, c and b5 - so they really hydrate the nail and help with growth.
There are a few brands who do things similar but the thing that REALLY stood out for me with these is the gloss when they are dry. They honestly look like you have a gel to coat on. 
The formula is quite thick, but very pigmented so they are very easy to apply. They say you only need 2 coats (although I did a sneaky 3 for my swatch just because I did thin coats and like my colour very opaque).
My only complaint is that they have a great range of core colours but I love my nails with as much loudness and bling as possible, but if you want a good solid range to use on your or a clients natural nails then these are a great go to!
So go check out their site and have a look at the whole range (and if you're a acrylic tech like me I highly recommend picking up their Illume Hyrdrofresh and Permabond primer while you're at it - you can thank me later).

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