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Orange Party
Sorry I've been a little MIA lately - its been chaotic and I've been juggling a million different things. But hey if you want to read about me and what's been going on, go hit up my story on Picture Polish's Stories. But I've got some fun things lined up to post about, so stay tuned!
For today I just wanted to post my latest little haul from Born Pretty Store. I've really been feeling the autumn colours (I keep complaining that it's too hot here in Sydney, but I am sure we will actually get some autumn weather soon!) and I am on the hunt for a range of jewel toned gel polishes. So I grabbed 2 autumny gels in this order. This orange is Orange Party (Item # 45157) and I used 2 thin coats - it is really pigmented so you have to have a light hand or you will get wrinkling. 

Frog Prince
The next shade is Frog Prince (item # 45159). I used a matte top coat and stamped using on of their plain white stamping polishes. 2 coats and no problems at all with this one! It's a great forest green for my collection. 

White Gold

Gel stamping polish is beginning to pop up everywhere, and I've had a few colours in the past and already knew I would love this one. It has it's pros and cons, it's amazing for beginners as you have endless time to get it right and you can scrape multiple times and not have to worry about taking off too much product (it is VERY forgiving). The con is the clean up - you either have to use a liquid latex or do clean up before you cure. This colour is White Gold (Item # 44587).

Layered Butterfly Plate
The last of my items is a layered butterfly stamping plate (Item # 45512). It's really nice seeing layered plates coming out from the more affordable brands. This plate was really nice to work with, although there are so many layers I don't think you need to do them all. Most of the butterflies in this mani I used 3 layers. 

As always, you can use my code VHW10 for 10% off full priced items. And let me know if you try any of these and what you think!

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