ORLY Builder in a Bottle

If you have followed me for awhile, you would know that I love having builder gel in a bottle, but have had less than stellar experiences with the cheap ones I have bought in the past. So I have been eyeing off the Orly one for some time, and of course had to go to the launch and see it in action! The demonstration was done by the lovely Trina Ngo who is an Orly ambassador and a magical wizard of nails. 

The whole process seemed fairly straight forward - apply form, cleanse, prime and brush on the product. She started by building a tip and curing, then applying the product over the whole nail. It only took 2 or 3 coats to make a sturdy nail. And SO crystal clear! I can't wait to get some and put all the glitter in it. Orly is also all about protecting the natural nail, so their primer is acid free and all the products in this range contain Vitamins A +E and Pro Vitamin B5.

Of course the thing that I am really excited about, that the not-so-good ones I've tried in the past don't do, is that it soaks off! Pretty much like removing acrylic - you file most of it off then soak off the last bit. I've popped some videos at the bottom of both the application and the removal. So I know I will be using it to build nails, but I think this would also be perfect for those looking to grow out their nails with overlays (if this is something you've thought about doing, go check out the FB group FB Obsessed with Overlays).

Below I have put up some of the pics I took, so you can see the before and afters and some of Trina's beautiful nail art. 

Orly Builder in a Bottle is distributed through Hawley International  and you can purchase it through Think Beauty 

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