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Emerald AB crystals ($2.95) and sorting tray ($1)
You may have noticed that at the top of the blog there is now a Shop button, or if you follow me on Instagram you would have seen me talking about it. But I am finally getting around to dedicating a post to tell you about my little online store OMC Supplies. I decided to start this as it combines my love of nails with the skills I have as a buyer (I don't talk a lot about it, but along with my writing, I have worked as a buyer for many years - travelling to China and sourcing items. So I already have great contacts, agents, and know everything about importing into Aus). I am on a mission to source or create the cutest nail art supplies and accessories for your nail space, because who wants to be plain and boring? I can assure you that every single item I have tried and tested - I have a very large box of rejects so you can be sure that everything is good quality! (Oh that sounds so gimmicky, but it's true! This is my baby and I put a lot of work into it).

So when I say 'we' on Instagram who do I refer to? It's me and my hubby. He's an IT guy so he has helped me with the site and does a lot of the posting and money stuff that I hate. But I also make him inspect everything and show all your pretty manis to him!
The site is small but I am adding to my range almost weekly and working on my own products that I think you will love. 

If you have any feedback, items you wish existed, or brands you would like someone in Australia to stock, please let me know! DM me through Insta or drop me an email

Below are just a small selection of my items - go check out the site so see all the pretties!

Nail Art Foils ($2.95)

Pink Pearls AB ($2.95) and sorting tray ($1)

Mermaid Dust Brush ($3.95)

Crystal Flower Dappen Dish ($19.95)

Metal Leaf Foils ($1)

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